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everyone you know

—-this is a reminder—-

everyone you know is broken.

everyone you work with has deep wounds.

every person who annoys you is broken.

—-another reminder—-

you are broken.

love others in their brokenness.

grow a big heart towards those who are limping.

Only a youth pastor would dream this…

Last night I had a dream. This is not a joke. I really dreamt everything i am writing here….

My wife and I had just received an invitation – via twitter – to spend the week with a bunch of youth pastors at Doug Fields’ house. When we arrived there, Doug’s house was a massion with a layout that I’m pretty sure matched Bill Gates home. Upon our arrival, we sat down for dinner at a ridiculously long dinner table. Seated at the table were Tim Schmoyer, Mike Kupferer, Mark Matlock, Jim Burns, Tic Long, Walt Mueller, Doug Fields, the whole fields family, and 2 other unidentifiable “small time” youth ministry people like myself.

Throughout the whole evening I tried to make really deep, insightful comments regarding all things faith related so that they would let me co-author a book or write a guest blog post. Ultimately all of my mildly insightful comments were skirted as Doug continued to make jokes the whole evening and never really set the stage for me to wow them with my depth. Thanks for ruining my shot at the big time Doug.

And then…. in typical dream fashion, a faceless killer was terrorizing my wife and I. We survived.

our 100th face

So last night marked the 100th unique face that has come through the doors of the student ministry at sawmill covenant church. pretty cool.

if anyone told me that we’d had that many faces through the doors, i would have though they were lieing or inflating the numbers. It sure feels small. It sure feels like a family of friends.

anyways, number don’t matter. faces do. hearts do. people do. I could care less if it was 100 or 10 or 50 or 500.

numbers are for accountants, not youth pastors……

(in all reality, it is actually probably higher since we just started keeping super accurate records about 4 months ago…)

Why your teenagers act the way they do.

I know a lot of parents of students read this blog. I thought I’d share some resources that may help you understand why your teenagers act the way I do.

If you’ve got a middle school students, this link may help bring some clarity: http://www.aacap.org/page.ww?name=Normal+Adolescent+Development+Part+I&section=Facts+for+Families

If you’ve got a high school student, this link may help: http://www.aacap.org/page.ww?name=Normal+Adolescent+Development+Part+II&section=Facts+for+Families