Call It Out

Below is an article that Pastor Steven Furtick posted on his blog. I found it extremely challenging so I thought I’d pass it on. Visit his site. He is a pastor of Elavation Church in North Carolina.

The church grew from 98 to 1100 in its first year. The thing that most impresses me about Steven is not his “success” in growing a church numerically. He doesn’t write about “successful church pastoring” but he writes about what God is laying on his heart. It’s very refreshing to see a young pastor who is absorbed in doing God’s will, not merely becoming a pastor of a large church.

Happy Readings…

Christians talk a lot about accountability.
The basic idea is that we should hold each other to Biblical standards.Some people take this concept so seriously that they form accountability groups.
Usually, “accountability partners” ask each other questions like:Did you skimp on your Bible reading this week?
Did you have too much to drink at the company party last week?
Have you looked at pornography since we last met?

The discussion (in my experience) usually revolves around making sure we’re doing all the stuff that makes us “good Christians” and not doing the stuff that makes us feel Junior Varsity.

That’s a good start, but I believe there’s a higher level of accountability required of God’s people.

What if accountability was focused more on making each other great than making sure we were being good?

We would all agree, and rightfully so, that if you see blatant sin in the life of another Christian, it is your responsibility to call it out. To challenge it. To confront it.

But what about when you see blatant potential that is lying dormant in another Christian’s life?
When you see underdeveloped greatness in the life of someone you love, isn’t it just as important to call that out too?

To ask each other questions like:

1. Are you consistently cultivating the anointing that God has placed on your life? Or do you have skills and abilities that are rusting in the toolbox?
2. Are you taking full responsibility to steward every gift God has given you, stretching yourself beyond your prefabricated limitations?
3. Do you have a God sized vision for your life? One that, every once in a while, makes you sick to your stomach with nervous excitement? Are you fulfilling it daily?
4. Have you said no to a risk that God recently instructed you to take?
5. Is your life oriented around changing the world or merely surviving it?

Read these 3 Scripture passages that command this type of accountability:
Ephesians 4:1
Romans 12:6-8

2 Timothy 1:6-7
Here’s what I want you to do today.

Approach someone in your life who is living below his or her potential and privilege as a child of God.
Someone who has let some dreams lie dormant because of fear, insecurity, busyness, or laziness.

Remind them how gifted and resourced they are to do exploits for God.
Get in their face about the greatness of God in their life.
Speak into them about their unlimited and unique potential in Christ.

And call it out.


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