“Will you open me with prayer?”

A pastor at a small church in Indiana was praying at the opening of the church’s Sunday night service. He looked out at those seated and said, “Will you open me with prayer?” Sitting next to my friend, I couldn’t help but chuckle under my breath. “Open ME with prayer.” Ha. How funny. He had goofed up his words and nobody, save me and my friend, seemed to notice.

But then I got thinking…

What if we had opened him with prayer?

What if his congregation began to raise their pastor up in prayer?

What if God, because He heard the outpouring of prayer for this man, decided to unlock the pastor to his full potential?

What if God decided to use this man – because of the prayers of the church – to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that he was virtually bursting at the seams?

~May you be a person who “opens others with prayer.”~


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