Mt. Dew, Facebook, Xbox, and Emails

My bible professor, Dr. Richard Smith, was teaching me about “Old Testament Historical Literature.” He made the point that our lives tend to become reflective of the gods we worship. Ancient Israelites’ religion always see when they intermingled with the false gods of surrounding nations.

This made me wander…

What false gods do i worship? Knowing this would lead me to see where my life has become reflective of some god other than Yahweh.

I don’t know of any false gods of surrounding nations, but i do know that most days i find myself wanting/desiring/seeking/valuing some things more than my time with God, prayer, the Bible.

  • Why do i feel like i need caffeine (mt. dew, coffee, etc.) to get through the day, but i rarely ask God to get me through the day?
  • Why do i check my email more often than I pray for others?
  • Why do i care more about what some of my friends think than what God thinks?
  • Why do i value 30 minutes of extra sleep over spending time reading God’s holy word?
  • How can i spend so much money on myself but fail to pay others I owe or give to the needy?

sleep, people, caffeine, music, and money are some of my idols.

What, besides Yahweh, does your life worship?


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