8 days to live…

today Jesse posed the question, “If you knew you had until next friday to live, what would you do for the rest of your life?” We then decided to add to the scenario a billionare who would finance anything you wished to do.

 here is my answer:

  1. Grab my closest friends (i narrowed it to 9) and family too, and travel to the funnest, wildest places I could find. We’d get a luxury box @ some sweet NFL game. We’d to to Hawaii, Jamaica, cruises, skiing, white water rafting, whale watching, etc. We’d just do fun stuff, hang out, laugh lots, and enjoy the friendship God’s given us.
  2. I’d pay for this cool girl and I to hang out with Coldplay (her favorite band) and I’d pay for them to play some sort of private concert for us (but mostly for her).
  3. On next Friday (the day of my death), I’d go to Uganda or some country that has an outrageous, unjust treatment of some people and I’d step in the line of fire to die for some kid. Hopefully this would stir up some media frenzy and more attention would be brought to the unneccesary suffering of so many.

what would you do………? 


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  1. check out jesse’s answer to this question @



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