Radical Jesus….

I’m teaching a 3 week series about Jesus. I’m going to focus on the characteristics of Jesus that are the most radical. Then I got to thinking…

 What, if Jesus were alive today, would be the most shocking aspect of his character or personality? What would really suprise us?

Here are what I think are the most radical traits Jesus posesed…

  1. Radical Inclusivity – woman at the well, woman caught in adultry, leppers, sinners, tax collectors, theif on the cross. Jesus seemed to incude those that the rest of society made a practice of rejecting.
  2. Unnessecary Humility – Jesus had every right to defend himself on multiple occasions but denied himself that right and simply followed God’s will for his life. I am reminded of all spitting, mocking, and accusing he suffered before the cross; he had every right to defend himself, yet he remained silent. Although he was God, he didn’t consider equality with God something to be grasped. How unlike any human I’ve ever met.
  3. Illogically followed – Jesus was followed by some of the dirtiest, sickest people around. People came from all the surrounding area just to touch his robe and be healed. The disciples dropped their lives, leaving their nets in a wet heap, to follow him and be around.

What do you think? What do you find to be Jesus’ most radical quality?


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