what should be…

As a waiter for TGIFridays, I have encountered countless people who have been really turned away from God because something a church has done, said, or made them feel. Because of this, I’ve grown cynical towards many churches – or maybe just the leadership in churches and those Christians who aren’t very friendly – and have been really frustrated with churches.

However, this article gave me some hope. Thankfully there are churches and christians out there who are turning people towards God instead of away.

Read the entire article, it’s sure worth it.



2 responses to this post.

  1. You’ve encountered all of this in your role as a waiter at TGIFridays?


  2. ryc: Thanks for clarifying…I’ve had really wonderful opportunities to discuss faith in the secular workplace with my co-workers as well. For some daft reason, I envisioned that in your exchanges with customers, which would be unusual.


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