you have the right to…

there are times in our daily lives where we have this sense that people owe us or that we have a right to something. for example…

When we purchase a venti latte with an extra shot @ Starbucks, we pay, and then we are owed a coffee.

Yet Christ, although he was God, didn’t consider equality with God something to be grasped. Of any person in all of history who had the right to require something of others, it was Christ. He never did anything wrong, he helped others, he healed, he gave, he taught, yet he never acted as if he had a right to something. for example…

washing the disciples feet, Christ knelt down – lowered himself – and demonstrated a unnecessary humility. The explanation that followed would forever change the rights of those who were (and were to be) His followers. He tells His disciples that He came to this earth, not to be served, but to serve.

Some talk of raising the bar…Well, with this act – God kneeling to wash human feet – our bar got lowered. Really low. The lowest.

So next time you think you deserve a little bit better service at a restraunt (or your latte needs to be prepared a little bit quicked, or you get frustrated with the driver who is driving the speed limit, or your teacher doesn’t grant you an extension on a late assignment) think of Christ.

Think of God – the one who deserves an eternity of praise – washing your feet.


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