dad’s friends?

a man was asked, “who are some of your dad’s best friends? who influences your dad?”

his response was sobering

“i can’t name one of my dad’s best friends. i’m not sure he has any. Other than our pastor, i don’t know who influences my dad in a spiritual way.”

Why is it that our parents (or maybe all people in general) seem to decrease the number of “friends” they have as they grow older. Why is friendship something that is limited to children, college students, women (who are all “girlfriends”), and old folks who play bridge.

Shouldn’t a man – who is raising a family, loving a wife, or simply honoring God w/his life – have friends? Shouldn’t there be some sort of companionship from other males?

The Enemy is doing much to pervert our view of true masculinity & femininity (even humanity).


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