again, some sites that i found interesting, intriguing, funny, or something else…..

Global Rich List– figure out where you stand

FreeFax– a site that allows you to send faxes via internet for free. great if you are like me and don’t have a fax machine.

a list of one couple’s arguments (funny) – if a counselor is reading this. contact the man who wrote this page and offer him some advice…

39 ways to live (not merely exist) – motivational: GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING

God’s Yellow Pages – good references. – it’s a Christian youtube?

pregnant woman worried about jackhammer – seriously!?! (funny pic)

Mountain Dew Christmas Tree – ummm…..

Financial Success for a Minimum Wage Earner –  great tips for college students, those making 6 bucks an hour, or people who aren’t doing so hot with the money

let me know if you’ve got any other sites that are cool/funny/neat/interesting/insightful/etc….


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