church outside = millions to the poor

Simi Valley church is building their church outside. They had planned to build a 60million dollar facility, but the leadership felt called in a new direction.

check out the site

hopefully this starts some sort of revolution in church site development

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  1. Thanks for dropping by. On outdoor facility here in picturesque Toledo, OH would result in thousands of deaths from hypothermia–good thing SV is in SoCal.

    I would like to know the proposed budget for the amphitheater, as well as the new, beefed up, prosed budget for giving millions to the poor. Is this on the site anywhere? I may have missed it.


  2. Posted by Jay on April 21, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    @nate… I used to attend Cornerstone and they are VERY open about their budget. If you’re actually concerned about knowing the budget and not just being rhetorical, you can call the church office at (805) 581-9532 and ask for the budget to be sent to you. Ask for Todd Tucker or Todd Nighswonger (Nize-wonger). I can tell you this… they give 50% of all offerings to the poor and needy. That’s a fact that you can back up with the IRS. I guarantee that there’s not 1 other church of their size in the US that gives that much. Imagine that… a church that practices what they preach!


  3. Posted by zoe on May 9, 2008 at 2:03 am

    an amphitheater, that’s something new. i read some info about simi valley here:


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