Performance Based Love (PBL)

Performace Based Love is the love is very pervasive in our culture. We love Michael Jordan, the Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa. While loving these people isn’t wrong, we do we love them more than others.

Why do we love the jocks more than others? Why do the good looking guys or girls feel more affection? Because our society is pumping out performace based love.

Performance Based Love (PBL) is based on works or actions; on the external. Our love should be overflowing from our hearts. It shouldn’t be a reward. We shouldn’t withhold love when someone expresses themselves in a way that we don’t particularly like. We should love all as Christ loved us (remember: while you were still sinners, Christ died for you).

Try to take stock of how your affections gravitate to certain types of people, or popular people, or those who agree with you. Anyone can love their friends, but it takes a Christ like love to truly love your enemies.


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