37signals – 37 Signals produces web applications that help people and businesses get things done. i use backpack.

splashup – is an online photo-editing application that allows you to access and edit photos from flickr, picasa, or facebook. Imagina a super simplified photoshop with the capability of being accessed online all the time.

The Cool Hunter – This site displays some of the coolest design coming out of the UK. I couldn’t stop exploring this site once i found it.

morguefile – Free pictures. The photographers only ask that you reference them when using the picture.

How to be More Interesting – a great article on how to be more creative and interesting.

15o Writing Resources – An article that highlights 150 online resources that can help you in any aspect of writing. – great resources to help you connect ideas for writing or speaking. I’ve used this to help me organize papers and the results have been phenomenal.

Pandora Radio – Online radio that creates a music station for you based on artists and songs that you like. Radio at it absolute best. This site has super-sleek design and is easy to love. Add me as a friend using this link.

Spice Up Your Running Workout – 10 ways to keep a very ordinary exercise – running – very dynamic.

Ministry Heroes? – an article speaking of some people’s zealous following of a “ministry hero.”

52 top personal finance books – gives a great list…

Improve any relationship – pumps out a list of 9 exercises to improve your relationships

TED – Technology. Entertainment. Design. This site is quickly becoming my favorite. The TED blog sends out a new video each day. These videos are talks from the worlds foremost authorities in various areas and they are limited to only 18 minutes for their talk. This forces some of the most brilliant minds in the world to give only their best stuff. The sharing of ideas is king on this site. Could change your life.

My first linkfest post

another one of my linkfest post

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