2 Week Focused Challenge: Be available to Whatever God Places in My Path

    Tomorrow I’m leaving with 16 of my classmates to embark on a “capstone” trip for my Christian Ministry major. During the senior year or Taylor’s Christian Ministry program, the soon-to-be graduates load up in a couple of vans and spend 2 weeks exploring a multitude of ministries and churches. While this may seem to be an exciting opportunity, many former students report it as being pretty repetitive and draining. After some discussion with a couple of buds, i’ve decided that God is calling me to something for those two week:

Be Available to Whatever God Places in My Path

Simple enough, but I think I will find it quit difficult on a trip that is potentially dry, over-structured, and frustrating.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I had a similar experience, I can relate. It would be interesting for you to write a blog over each experience over that two week period.

    I wonder, would Taylor expect students who are married with children to go away for this two week excursion. I would like to keep you in prayer.


  2. I would make Kansas the new destination for your guys’ trip. Nothing dry, over-structured, or frustrating out here……. 🙂


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