Finances & Spirituality

  • Financial decisions are spiritual decisions
  • The Bible says more about money and possessions than any other topic except love (over 2400 verses!)
  • Money competes with God for our loyalty

taken from a presentation by Dave Briggs (head of Willow Creek’s Good Sense Ministry)

2 responses to this post.

  1. It’s semantics, maybe, but it’s not really the money that competes with God. The tendency to personify money and give it the power to compete does underscore your point.

    And money’s not the root of all evil…for there’s really no evil. There’s only the absence of good, the absence of love. The presence of fear.

    The link between money and fear–a link, I’m afraid, we create–is pretty powerful.

    Recognizing the abundance of love, of joy, of everything we want (while disassociating from the constant senses of “lack” and “need”) takes tremendous effort. It’s reward is worth, well, much more than “all the money in the world!”


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