Over the last two days I’ve met with leaders from Willow Creek, Community Christian Church, LeaderTreks, and Christianity Today. and I’ve learned that great, growing leaders are humble about their ministries. These leaders talked, answered questions, and shared their personal stories with a group of hungry college students. Sometimes we were curious and sometimes we questioned them about the weaknesses in their minstry.


Every single time

they answered with humility and honesty. i was simply amazed at the humility and willingness to grow and change. these were estabilshed, successful ministries. people model themselves after these churches. and the leaders were still creatively seeking to grow and change.


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  1. That’s cool, so I guess the trip worked out alright…but I had to wonder, why were only big megachurchy names in the Christian pop world chosen for you to meet with? Is that the measure of kingdom success? I know a guy who planted a church in Croatia 12 or so years ago. No flashy website, lcd tvs in his lobby, and a congregation that has grown from a handful to about 30. He oozes humility without realizing it.


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