Read Till It Hits You (Version 1.0)

Ok. So i wrote a post awhile back about asking “How am I supposed to read the Bible?” after hearing some of your feedback and discussing the issue with some people whom I respect, I’ve got myself a good ole Bible reading plan. Here it is (begin bracing yourself for monumental simplicity):

Read till it hits it you

This is it: i read the bible until it hits me. Until something sticks. Read until God sheds light on a passage, or story, or verse, or phrase, or word. Then, i journal about it. Before reading, I spend some time in prayer, asking the Lord to illuminate whatever He has for me. I also take this time of prayer to remind myself of the Bible’s worth, value, and history. I remind myself of the countless amounts of blood, sweat, tears, wars, protests, arguments, and historic tension that have been caused by this book. I remember how big God is and how small I am. And with that attitude, I begin reading. I’ve started in Genesis and my first “session” lasted 3 verses (more on that later)

I  do realize that reading Scripture like this neglects a lot. It neglects the big picture. It neglects that the Biblical authors wrote entire books, not just cute little verse or sayings. It neglects the exegetical process. It neglects original language. It neglects a lot. A lot.

But, as someone who is attending a Christian University and focusing my studies in Christian Ministry, I study the Bible a lot. A lot. I needed a time where I can open God’s word and simply ask Him: “speak to me, I wanna hear from YOU.” So far, it’s been great. We’ll see. (that’s why i entitled it version 1.0; to leave room for development).

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