Brian Mclaren on “The Kingdom of God”

Taken from The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren

Jesus says again and again, this kingdom advances with neither violence nor bloodshed, with neither hatred nor revenge. It is not just another one of the kingdoms of this world. No, this kingdom advances slowly, quietly, under the surface—like yeast in dough, like seed in soil. It advances with faith: when people believe it is true, it becomes true. And it advances with reconciling, forgiving love: when people love strangers and enemies, the kingdom gains ground


One response to this post.

  1. I agree with all of me that the Kingdom advances like yeast in dough and a seed in soil.

    Sometimes the Lord moves quickly and rapidly, leaving an awkwardness not unlike puberty.

    I have to question the statement that “when people believe it is true, it becomes true”. It was true before they believed, people just lacked the sails to catch its wind.

    Either way, the statement is encouraging and depicts with accuracy part of the Kingdom’s essence.


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