“i’m just not called to that”

OK, so this quote is takin out of context, but i was walking by some people talking about helping out at a homeless shelter in Indianapolis. The girl looks at the guy and says:

I’m just not called to that sort of thing…

Is that true? Is there a Christian who isn’t called – by Christ – to take care of the poor, widowed, orphan, hurting, marginalized, or weak in our worl? While I do understand what she was saying, I also have been challenged – expecially over the last 3 monthes – to recognize that there are things that God calls us to. I think caring for the weak and hurting is one of those things. I’m not saying I’m great at this and this girl is awful.

I’m just saying…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Helping is the power to change the world. But how to help, everybody has to decide him self. I think its to easy just give money. We have to to give hope and the feeling that life is worth living.


  2. saying yes to Christ is more about saying yes to building the kingdom (and thus.. feeding the poor etc) than it is about “going to heaven.”

    you aren’ saying yes to Christ if you aren’t helping widows and orphans. you are saying yes to something else.

    good stuff.


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