Hillory Clinton’s faith.

Barrack is taking some heat for his pastor, but his church involvement has been heavily mentioned. How bout Hillary? I found this article.



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  1. The talk-show host, Robert Mangino, responded in a way that epitomizes many evangelicals’ reaction to Hillary: “I know it sounds judgmental, but I just can’t believe she’s a Christian. I think all of her talk of faith is pure politics.”

    Yikes…those opinions are better shared between freinds and colleagues.

    But there is a difference between publicly judging someone’s personal salvation as in the above example, and judging the racist words of a persons pastor.

    With Obama many bystanders are not judging his salvation (I certainly am not), but his discernment (I certainly am), and whethter his lack of discernment is this situation foreshadows a lack of lack of discernement in future national issues.


  2. nate,

    just curious.

    i know that Obama’s pastor rubs most people the wrong way. But do you think that he was wrong in the things that he said. The substance of his message. Or do you think he was way off….?

    While i don’t agree with his methods, i find Wright’s criticism of america (namely wealthy american culture and government) to be – at least at some level – fairly accurate. For example, we can’t bomb people and then freak out when we get bombed. We can’t arm ourselves with nuclear weapons and then force another government to stop developing their nuclear weapons. We have weapons of mass destruction (and we’ve used them before) and we invade another country (IRAQ) because we heard (but were wrong) that they have weapons of mass destruction.

    I’m not saying that Wright is correct, or that our government is wrong in its engagement in Iraq but I am saying that Wright’s style and word choice may be more of the problem.

    That’s just what i think. but i may be wrong. we’ll talk about it.


  3. Sure Adam,
    I agree with most of what YOU are saying here, just not Wright. I too disagree with most of our action in the middle east. If I were elected to power, I would pull out our troops immediately.

    It must be noted though, that the UN, and not America alone, has made decisions on behalf of other coutries regarding limitations on their nuclear powers.

    I listened to Wright’s entire sermon and found it to be laden with hate. I don’t disagree with the fact that statistically the rich in America tend to be white. To say that this faction (who is taxed the most to finance an unjust war AND the many social arms of government) is oppressing blacks today, I take issue. Wright’s use of Jesus’ statement, “love your enemies,” clearly pits blacks against whites. He is saying whites are the enemy of the blacks. I feel like he is stirring up dissention.

    Wright’s style and word choice are a part of the problem, yes, but so is his theology. There is no room in the gospel for hate, and his speech oozed hate. If any white preacher said the things Wright said I would be just as horrified.

    Color aside, this is just another example of division in the body, and keeping Corinthians in mind, it is intollerable…as intollerable as those white evangelicals who picket the funerals of dead soldiers with signs that say “God hates Fags.”

    I think we agree more than we realize. here is my email if you want:




  4. I agree that there is no place in the church for Wright’s kinds of remarks. Not only are his statements hateful in nature, they are also quite ignorant (I think so, anyway).


  5. Posted by Kouga on April 15, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    I hate u people and church so stfu w0000000000t


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