My Week in Quotes (Tuesday)

How many people have you seen who are more alive at the end of the work day than they were at the beginning? Do we come home from our “making a living” activity with more life? Do we bound through the door, refreshed and energized ready for a great evening with the family? Where the live we supposedly made at work? For many of us, isn’t the truth of it closer to “making a dying”? Aren’t we killing ourselves – our health, our relationship, our sense of joy and wonder – for our jobs? We are sacrificing our lives for money – but it’s happening so slowely that we barely notice.”

~Joe Dominguez in Your Money or Your Life~

I’m reading Your Money or Your Life because I’ve heard tons of people (especially Trent from Simple Dollar) suggest it as a very foundational book for dealing with personal finance. I chose this particular quote because I think it highlights a problem brought to our society via industrial revolution. This problem is the problem of working to make money and using that money to fund a life. A job is “making a living.” The living is the goal and the job is merely a means of getting there. So many people end up spending their lives either working or escaping from work. We work long hours to make lots of money so that we can have a nice house or car. We can’t even enjoy those nice things because we’re so dedicated to working long hours.

I’m finding myself in that same predicament as I’m finishing up my final year of college. My course work seems to be more draining than energinzing. I find myself going through the motions simply to get things done instead of engaging myself in all the work. I’ve let the work zap my joy. At times, I would even say I’ve lost my sense of wonder (big thanks to Allie and Chris for refreshing me in those times). Over the past week, I’ve resolved to not let this work deplete my spirit.

May the things we fill our day with bring life to ourselves, others, and all the world. Light up the darkness.


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