My Week in Quotes (Wednesday)

I’m not saying you have to give.  But I’m just curious… what would Jesus do?  Or perhaps what did Jesus do?”  And that’s it.  No really.  There shouldn’t be any more debate about tithing after that.  His point is, there is absolutely no law or rule saying you have to give 10%.  None.  If you don’t want to give, that’s fine.  But please tell me how you can honestly say you’re a follower of Jesus and then not give your money to help others.  If you’re giving because the Hebrew scriptures commands 10%, well you’ve missed it.  If you say there’s no command to give and don’t give, well… you’ve missed it too.  The question is, do you value your money or your neighbor more?  We’ll watch to see your answer.


please check out the rest of this blog entry for more. i could change your life, if you let it.

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