Giving people a taste…

I just got back from Starbucks (a friend of mine calls it “5 bucks” cuz everything costs $5) and was really struck. Today starbucks handed out free cups of their new blend “Pike Place Roast.” To be honest, I knew about this promotion and it is the only reason I went.

Starbucks has been in the news (even the Today show) lately discussing how they are getting back to their roots as a premier provider of great coffee (they’re even changing their logo). They’ve grown so large that coffee lovers (or “coffee nazis”) have come to resent the chain. They’ve become so big, that they don’t feel small anymore.

And this is a lot like churches.

We’ve become so popular. Churches have grown to numerous and large and organized and modeled after large businesses that they have lost their smallness. While starbucks has moved away from their main product (coffee), they realize this and are working to correct it.

Maybe churches need to do this. I’m not saying that a church ought to function like starbucks (they could function like Terra Bite Lounge maybe), but i am saying this: the church has picked up a bad rap. When a church makes the news, it is rarely for something good. It’s always something negative: pastor steals, pastor sleeps around, protesting abortion, being judgmental, voting republican, etc. While these stereotypes aren’t true of every church (or even most churches), they are the perception that the rest of the world has about us.

This is the point. You can argue that you’re church is a loving church. You can argue that you aren’t judgemental and are free from scandals. Starbucks could have argued that they still make great coffee.


you could give people a taste. starbucks gave people a taste. let’s stop trying to argue and defend ourselves and let love be our brand. let love be are logo.

for you will know them by their love


2 responses to this post.

  1. You come up with some pretty sweet metaphors and correlations. Starbucks, Radiohead, etc…Very nice, man. Jaci (my girlfriend) and I offered our friend Kylie a “taste” of our church back in October. Kylie had literally NEVER been to church before except for weddings and funerals. Can you imagine or even believe that??? To make a long story short, Kylie has not missed a Sunday with us since! I still think the most powerful marketing tool (if you will) for the church is word of mouth. That is, individual mission in spreading the word of God and offering others the chance to experience it. All we had to do is offer to take Kylie one time and now she is hooked on Christ.


  2. Praise God for bringing people back to Him……


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