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Ok, so I’m 5 weeks from graduating (May 17th) and I’m falling in love with doing so many different things?!?!

A former professor of mine, Andy Rowell, blogged about reading materials and seminary. Within his post he wrote this:

Part of your vocation, you calling, are the books that you pick off the shelf and read.  Notice what you find yourself choosing.  That may be part of where God is directing you.

this got me thinking. What are the books, speakers, messages, ideas, etc. that i’ve found myself choosing

  • Lately I’ve been getting really into environmental issues. I’ve started reading Cradle to Cradle (which is AMAZING), recylcing, driving less, and urging others to do the same. Some of my favorite talks to listen to are about how we can better handle the nature that we find ourselves in.
  • I’ve grown more and more fascinated with politics. I find myself watching cnn, foxnews, cspan, msnbc, and whatever other thing the potential presidents are on. I watch youtube vids and read blogs about all the candidates. I don’t know what, but I’ve grown to see the Gospel as not only a personal good news, but a social (or corporate) good news. If the Gospel is only personal, it’s missing something. And if it’s only social, it is missing something as well.
  • Art. Holy Smokes, but 4 years ago, i thought art was the last thing I’d ever want to do. I started getting into poetry a bit (from an English class that introduced me to great American poets). I took a class where I learned about how to make jewelry (i could probably make a decent diamond ring for about a fifth of what it costs at a jeweler). I took a class called “Art and Ideas” where we learned how to interpret sculpture, painting, music, film, architecture, etc. I love listening to artists and designers talk about their work. Combine this with dating/courting/hanging with a super-talented painter and graphic designer and I’ve grown a pretty strong love for all things beautiful, creative, and artistic.
  • I don’t know if I’m just a typical 20-something, but i love reading authors that write about post-modernism, the emerging church, or doing church in a “new” way. Mega-churches, home churches, black churches, latino churches, whatever. I love love love reading about people who aren’t afraid to buck the traditions of Christianity in order to better love and serve God and others. Sure, I may not prefer their church’s practices or traditions, but I love that attitude.
  • Working with my hands has grown into a great joy. I just spent some time making frames for a pretty, young gal‘s painting. Measuring, diagramming, planning, sawing, sanding, gluing, and nailing. I worked on this stuff for about 6 hours and the time absolutely flew by.
  • Blogging. I don’t know why, but i absolutely get a kick out of writing this stuff. Maybe it’s good for me. Maybe I love getting to be a little creative. Maybe something else. I don’t know.

So. I’m growing to love things I’ve never loved before AND i’m graduating from college. Talk about a serious case of directional freak-out.


2 responses to this post.

  1. <i Talk about a serious case of directional freak-out.

    talk about a healthy good-thinking college student that I’m proud of

    talk about exactly what we want graduating students from taylor to say


    Andy Rowell
    Doctor of Theology Student
    Duke Divinity School
    Durham, NC
    Blog: Church Leadership Conversations


  2. That’s an interesting quote, with which I agree. What we read rubs off on us. With that in my mind, my Hebrew professor, Wave Nunnally, once noticed I was reading ONLY one genre outside of assigned reading and challenged me not to be one of those self absorbed characters who only reads what I want to hear, even though I am sure he was into the stuff I was reading.


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