Ramblings of Passion is in the top 1% of all blogs

So technorati tells me that my rank is 927,370th. (this is by amount of cites that link to Ramblings)

I then found out that technorati was tracking over 70,000,000 blogs.

So naturally, I used google to calculate what percentage that put me in.

Thanks so much to all my readers. I think they will probably send me a trophy soon. Or at least ask me to speak at some awards banquet. Seriously. I’m in the top 1%.

ps. if you link one of my articles, i may get into the top .5% or something.

pps. another example of data being manipulated to make something that isn’t so significant sound like it is.

ppps. this post is in the name of humor, i really don’t care.

pppps. but it makes me feel good
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