It’s not you, it’s me (or the countdown to freedom)

OK. So I’ve procrastinated long enough. I spent about 2 hours today reading blogs, writing comments, and engaging in discussions which I find very enjoying, encouraging, challenging and fun. However, I must leave the virtual world because the brick & mortar world is demanding my attention.

I’m a bit behind on my senior paper and I’ve got to finish up a week from today. I need to get a fairly decent grade on this paper as it accounts for 30% of my course grade. For this reason, I’m promising not to engage the digital realm for a week. Call it a sabatical or something.

This feels like a break up, or when you’re dating and you “take a break.” So in the terms of high school, college, and young adult relationships: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

But if you are extremely bored, you can edit my paper and then send it back to me. Or you can just read it. Or you can just leave comments about it here. Or you can write your own criticism about it and then send it back to me. Or you can copy it and turn it in as one of your own papers. Or you can plagiarize me. Do whatever you want. The paper is broken down into 6 sections and I’m not finished with the final one yet.


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