Things we don’t understand…

  • Calvanism vs. Arminianism
  • Women in the church
  • Baptism by full-immersion vs sprinkling
  • hymns vs. contemporary worship
  • KJV vs NIV vs NASB vs NLT vs ……..
  • alcohol consumption

Why is it that some people take sides on debates that the Bible takes no stance on? Sure there may have been some great thinkers who have furthered many of the principles taught in Scripture, but why are we stretching scripture over areas where it does not stretch itself? I fully understand that a person may believe a certain idea, but that idea ought to be recognize as his or her own idea.

Less dividing. More uniting. Don’t let your opinions burden people.

Check out another post on these debates


One response to this post.

  1. Besides the first one, I don’t think they should be debated either. Whether or not one can loose his or her salvation, often contested between Calvinists and Arminians, is a big deal, because it does affect soteriology, whereas the rest, in my opinion, are relegated to the designation of “meat offered to idols,” which Paul instructs us not to argue about.

    I believe healthy discussion is the only way to mend denominational rifts, and even approach interfaith dialog.

    I do believe you are absolute right, don’t let certain opinions burden people. I will allow my opinions to be burdensome to some extent. For example, it is my opinion that no man should rape a 6 year old girl.


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