Dissappointed but good

Ok. so sometimes the most annoying blog posts are where someone goes on and on about their personal life – especially when that personal life is pretty irrelevant to those reading the blog. However, I’m about to go off on a personal story. If you hate that: stop reading. If you care, read on.

So last year, I ran the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. Pretty slow, but i ran the entire thing. I trained, but not that much. I decided that I would do it again as it is a great way to keep motivated to exercise and is a pretty rewarding experience, at least it was last year.

Yesterday I showed up to the race having trained very little thanks to a very demanding/draining senior paper. Anyways, my dad (44), sister (18), and brother (13) were all running as well, so i thought it would be easier. Wrong. At the half-mile mark, my little bro (who is an emerging track/cross country star) said “i think I’m gonna go faster. At the 2 mile mark, my ankles and knees killed. My dad and I walked most the rest of the mini-marathon.

Around mile 6 I said to myself “wow, this is the worst shape I’ve ever been in.” During high school and early college, I was pretty athletic and active (I played football for Taylor during my freshman year). I was pretty strong and always felt capable of whatever I was asked to do. 3 years later, however, I’ve become pretty sedentary. My days aren’t filled with much activity and eating healthy is a lot harder than eating not-so-healthy.

I guess the reason I’m posting this is just for myself. So that I’m telling some people that, from now on, it’s gonna be different. I’m not gonna drink soda so much. I’m not gonna eat crap. My late night snacking is gonna end.

Why? Cuz it’s not worth it. Last year, I felt so strong, so accomplished in running 13 miles. This year, i could barely run 2. It isn’t that I need to deny myself something I want, I just need to identify what it is that I really want. What it is that really makes me happy.

Ps. the good thing about the whole thing is that I got to walk 11 miles with my dad. My dad is a man who has demonstrated great faithfulness and consistency to me throughout my life. My father is a Jr. High Campus Life Director. Anyways, I really treasured that time in conversation with him.


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  1. cue Eye of the Tiger by Survivor


  2. Dude,

    Maybe being out of shape a bit . . . and getting to spend time walking the streets of Indy . . . maybe there’s a link there is some strange spiritual way?

    I commend you for hitting the road. Way to go!


  3. Insert “with your dad” after “walking the streets of Indy” in the above, and it’ll all make sense.




  4. Posted by jim on May 6, 2008 at 10:33 am


    My older brother probably passed you, then. 🙂 I think he has come down from Ohio and run that thing 3 or 4 times. He almost died the first time, too, but said it gets easier after you do it and know what to expect.

    I applaud you for trying it.

    I also applaud you for keeping Kansas on your job options list. 🙂

    I also applaud you for knowing that I reference you as tupac in the most respectful, gangsta way.



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