Happy Birthday Allie Jocson

Ok, so this girl I know, Allie, celebrated her 21st birthday today. I just got back from eating at one of her favorite restaurants, Thai Smile. The dinner consisted of 9 friends simply hanging out in celebration of Allie’s life. During the middle of the meal, I leaned over and said this to her:

Stop and look around. You have great friends.

And it is very very true. Allie has about 10 solid friends who care about her and would sacrifice for her. While you may be reading this thinking “wow, she is lucky,” that is very very wrong.

True, God has really blessed Allie, but the reason she has so many great friends is that Allie is consistent. I joke with her, telling her she’s “loyal like a dog.” She’s an extremely dedicated, committed, determined individual. This quality permeates her life: friendships, her school work, and her art (ps. if you are looking for a decent graphic designer, painter, or sketch artist you gotta contact her)

Anyways, those are just two things I noticed today:

  1. great friends are a real blessing
  2. great friends find great friends

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