see the gifts…

I went to watch IU’s Violin Virtuosity a few days ago for Allie‘s birthday. This group of violinist is comprised of 13-18 year olds playing violins. When i first heard that it was kids who were going to be playing, I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping to hear something of great quality. But once they started playing, I literally lost my breath. Not only were these kids playing some beautiful, complicated pieces, but they were doing it very well. I don’t know if I expected a couple renditions of “Mary had a Little Lamb” or “Hot Crossed Buns” or something. However; I do know that these kids rocked (in a sophisticated violin playing sort of way).

And this really made me think: What a terrific picture of the Kingdom of God. The way of the world is to judge based on outside appearance, age, experience, qualifications, etc. but the way of Christ is to show that the weak things are really were strength is found.

As someone who is headed towards student ministry, I need to keep my eyes open for people who don’t seem like they qualify, but are actually very gifted.


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