Thanks rabbi. That was a nice talk.

Nobody ever went up to Jesus after his blistering warning about religious hypocrisy and shook his hand and said, “Thanks rabbi. That was a nice talk.”

Nobody went up to Moses after the thunder, lightning and loud trumpet blast at the foot of Mount Sinai and said, “How come we’re using trumpets now? What happened to Mariam and that tambourine song we used to sing crossing the Red Sea? I liked that song–it was peppy. This thunder and trumpet stuff is too heavy.

Nobody come up to Solomon after the ark had been brought to the temple when it was surrounded by the cloud of glory and said, “You know, this cloud of glory is keeping the priests from getting their job done. Nobody told us that if we contributed to the capital campaign for the new temple that there would be fog involved.”

a paragraph later…
But the general sense that occurs in the writings of Scripture is that when God shows up, people get blown away.
All this [injustice] is going on while mainline and evangelical churches keep debating what they think are the primary worship issues: guitars versus organs, formal versus informal, traditional versus contemporary, contemporary versus emergent…..At a time when many are struck by the polarization between liberal and evangelical churches in America, it is more striking to see what the average congregations on both sides hold in common: they are asleep.
~from A Dangerous Act of Worship by Mark Labberton~

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