I’d come to your church….

I’d come to your church.

These words took me by surprise. Yesterday, I was working @ TGIFridays and everything was pretty slow as not too many people have been coming in (thanks gas prices). So I was sitting around with 4 other servers and we were just talking about life. They asked me what my degree was about and I told them I was studying to become a pastor (i didn’t tell them that my degree was technically in Christian Educational Ministries because those words mean nothing to the people I work with).

Everyone was a bit taken back by my admission that I was looking to be a pastor. They all shared brief stories of other pastors they knew or churches they’d been too. One of the girls stopped and looked and me and said “I’d go to your church.”

Because I really doubted that she’d feel accepted in any church, I asked her why she’d chosen my church to attend. She told me that I was real and honest and not so corny.

Why is she not in any other church? 2 reasons:

  1. She may not know any Christians that she sees as loving, authentic, or in-touch with the world.
  2. None of the people she knows who are Christians have invited her.

Either way, it’s our fault. Christians, listen up, if we’d be a bit more loving, a lot more honest about how we’re not perfect, and we’d understand our culture, the game would be ours for the taking. Sure there are people who seem to hate God. But I would say there are far more who hang in the balance. There are far more who would really love a shot at connecting with God and experiencing the love that a Church ought to be pumping out.

ps. I doubt anyone who I work with reads this blog, but if you stumble on here from Facebook or something, know that I love you and I absolutely love being around all you guys. A lot of times, y’all are a lot more loving than churches anyways.


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