Mark 5:1-20

{part a}

people freaked out cuz Jesus cast out demons and the demons drove some pigs off a cliff. seriously Jesus, huge waste of livestock, potential food, and money. no one – but Jesus – cared that a human was totally freed from demonic possession

{part b}

sometimes ministries spend millions of dollars and waste resources. maybe we ought to chill out with scrutinizing ministries about their budgets and worry a ton, ton more about whether they are freeing people.


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  1. Posted by Allison Riecke on August 5, 2008 at 10:28 am

    adam — how ironic. i just listened to a sermon on this passage on sunday. i was thinking the exact same thing. sure bounds of resources are wonderful, but sometimes people fail to recognize that it’s all about the relationships, it’s all about the people. a state-of-the-art building or sound system for a service may draw people in, but it won’t capture their heart for the sake of our King.


  2. I can dig that idea.

    But also…

    What about when Jesus criticized the Pharisees for traveling to distant lands only to make people as wicked as themselves?


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