Monday Morning Check-In {8.4.08}

the weekend that was: Engaging. On Friday evening I drove 6 hours to have dinner with the parents of my new fiance. We ate at a nice little Italian place and then I surprised her at her house. We hung out, watched the 3D Hannah Montana concert and just enjoyed each other’s company. On Saturday, we drove to Indianapolis to spend the day together and go to an outdoor symphony. During the symphony, I made a little book for her to look through and at the end of it, I asked her to marry me. She said yes and we ended up leaving the symphony early cuz she was excited to call all of her friends. We got back to her place and hung with her family for a while. Sunday. Drove back to Ohio still glowing from my time with Allie. I got back to the church just in time to help out with our VBS. I played games with kids between 4 years old to 4th grade. I had a blast. Got pizza with the coolest high school students in the world and then headed to bed. totally exhausted.

where i am at the moment: In the office. Filling out some paper work and then i’m out for the day.

on my to-do list this week:

  • Get a fall calender in place
  • hang out with students a ton
  • finish reading a ton of books

procrastinating about: working out

book i’m in the midst of: Contemplative Youth Ministry by Yaconelli

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: Miley Cyrus. Ok, i watched the 3D Hannah Montana concert and was blown away by this gal’s voice. She’s 16 and she sings with such a dominant, confident sound that I couldn’t help buy listen. Also, her music has progressed from sounding very Disney Channel-ish to sounding very mature. I have to constantly remind myself that this girl is only 16. Seriously, i listed to her new album “Breakout” 3 times yesterday. Her songs are stuck in my head. I love it.

next trip: August 16. Travel back to Indiana for a huge family gathering. My mom’s side.

how i’m feeling about this week: smiley. i’m so pumped to

Link of the week: My fiance’s blog and website. Letsseethebeauty and Check em out. Buy her art (cuz in a year, that will become my money…)


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