Monday Morning Check-In {8.11.08}

the weekend that was: Friday and saturday were fun. I got to hang with my new roommates and chat with my fiance in some deep ways. Wedding planning went from stressful and turned into a blessing. I’ve got all my groomsmen lined up (Brother Ben as best man, Elliot, Joel, Stuart, Ryan, and Bobby). Sunday was super fun. I spent nearly the whole day @ the church.  We had Current on sunday night at it was awesome. We studied Isaiah 1 together and it was incredible. We had jr high and sr high students digging into scripture together, then working to figure out where it connected with their lives. awesome. i love my life

where i am at the moment: in my room. I just rearraged it so i could have a desk.

on my to-do list this week:

  • hang out with students way more than I did last week
  • read My first Two Years in Youth Ministry by Doug Fields
  • go tubing and skiing with the world’s greatest students

procrastinating about: driving my car. i’ve been riding my bike everywhere and i just don’t wanna drive anywhere.

book i’m in the midst of: Contemplative Youth Ministry by Yaconelli, My First Two Years in Youth Ministry by Fields, Soul Cravings by McManus

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: Common. I just bought his most recent album. I was flipping through channels and landed on the BET hip hop awards. Common was talking and he’s the most articulate, educated artist that i’ve heard in a long, long time. His stuff isn’t your typical rap about money, drugs, ladies, etc. Very educated stuff, very deep, very real.

next trip: August 16. Travel back to Indiana for a huge family gathering. My mom’s side.

how i’m feeling about this week: like someone took a monkey off my back and filled me up with helium

Link of the week: This site caught my attention and got me pumped about biking. If you set up a profile add me as your friend: Lames42.


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