an open letter to Christian Obama supporters (myself included)

ok. so there seems to be a growing number of Christians who are shifting gears from the Republican side to the democratic side. No problem.

While we can cast our votes for either candidate, Christians need to remember the reason we all voted for Gearge Bush: abortion. Abortion is, in my mind, one of the most gruesome things that is legalized in our society. In a hundred years when students are reading textbooks, will they remark, “they killed their babies cuz they didn’t want them?”

While i truly respect Obama’s faith – as it seems much more genuine and thought through than McCain’s – it is frustrating because it is going to take a lot of work for abortion to become history.

So, I’m asking all you Obama supporters, those of you who have jumped from the “conservative” ship, to stop relying on your president to make a difference in the abortion situation. George Bush barely made a difference and that was a HUGE reason he picked up so much of the Christian vote. When either Obama or McCain become president, neither of them is going to do anything on this issue. We must join together – old republicans and new democrats – to help make abortion history.

check out: Democrats For Life

this site is dedicated to letting you know which Democrats are pro-life and how to support them. No matter if you are liberal or conservative, back this group. If we could get a solid number of Dems to join with the Republicans on the issue of abortion, we’d have the momentum needed to make some changes.


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