do not write a book

theologian Leslie Newbigin reminds us that Jesus “did not write a book but formed a community.”

props to all the Christian gurus who have pumped out a book. i’m glad the give me something interesting to read and i’m glad they share their “expertise” with the world (thought mostly the christian world).

but more props to everyone else who says, “nah, no book for me. i’ve got things to do.” congrats to the guy who running the best student ministry in the world and, yet, has decided not to turn that ministry success into money success. props to the pastor who hasn’t turned a sermon series into a book.

i want to personally and sincerely thank all those Christians who are discussing, loving, and serving with all their lives, but yet have not added to the shelves of our christian bookstores.

why do so many pastors write a book and then rewrite another book with the same ideas, just rephrased? why are books written and then republished with a newer, flashier cover ten years later?

Jesus didn’t write a book. That would have made him a celebrity. That would have made him an expert. Celebrity and expert were two things Jesus cared nothing about.

Love. That was all Jesus cared about.

Intimacy. If intimacy was achieved through book writing, I’m sure Jesus would have done it.


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