rumblings of a new blog

I’ve truly loved blogging. You can ask my fiancee or my fellow college classmates and those on staff at my church.

I’m going to start a new blog @

This blog is going to be a central hub for discussions on youth ministry. I want it to focus on all things student ministry. Hopefully this will facilitate some great discussion, interaction, and collaboration between like-minded people. I hope to use several people to contribute to this blog so to give it the tone and voice of dialogue.

My blog here has been great and I’ve connected with some fantastic individuals. I will definately continue to write here.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Cool! I’ll check out the new blog over the weekend.

    Some of my least favorite people growing up were youth ministers. Oddly, some of the biggest influences in my life were ALSO youth pastors. Both ends of the spectrum are out there. My kids currently have a wonderful guy from across the pond as a youth pastor. When I was in the hospital recently, he’s the one that came to visit. He’s a very nice guy . . .


  2. thats for sure, dude


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