we’ve come a long way baby

i was watching the news this morning and watched the highlights of last nights democratic national convention. politics are annoying and invigorating. they are frustrating because there seems to be so much division as times and at other times they seem to really connect with american humanity.

as i watched grown men cry last evening, it really hit me. our country has come a long long way. no matter what side you take, no matter your political ideology, you’ve got to admit that having an african-american as the presidential nominee for a major political party is symbolic as to where our country has come from and where it still needs to head.

obama’s nomination marks a very significant turning point: we can finally listen to and follow a person regardless of his/her skin color. How incredibly sad that it has taken us so many years to reach this moment, yet how beautiful is it when gross injustices are being overthrown.

i don’t think i realized any of these things until i watched the grown african-american man cry this morning. i am white. i’ve never had to think about my skin color. i’ve never really considered it an issue. i haven’t had the main stream media shaping my self-image based on the shade of my skin. the man who was crying, however, has. his entire life, america has been a place that promised one thing, yet in reality, offered quite another.

thank GOD we’ve come this far and thank GOD we’re not done


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