Voting for President?

Scott McKnight wrote an article about Voting for President on the Jesus Creed blog. I posted a comment outlining some ways that I am thinking through voting for president. I think it is obvious whom I favor and I’ve tried to outline how I see the issues. Reply with your thoughts:


while the dillema you proposed is great. here is how I am dealing with it.

1. abortion. abortion won’t be changed by our president (GWB made little progress on the issue). Ending poverty will end abortion. Most abortions take place in the context of poverty. So in reality, abortion is a symptom of poverty (in my understanding). Since roe. v wade is only going to be overturned when tons of people get rallied around it, i wouldn’t even factor that as an issue in this election (thought i will factor it as an issue in how i address my government throughout my life).

2. war, unlike abortion, will be affected greatly by our choice for president. i think the choices are obvious.

3. government ethics. I think the next criteria – at least for me – is the honesty and integrity of the man in the job. I think both candidates, in their own way, have a tremendous amount of character. I’ve never heard someone address faith and race issues in as honest and accurate way as Obama and I’m so proud of Mccain for being so strong against “earmarks” and government spending. Also, I very much love that Obama isn’t using government money to fund his campaign. i think both candidates are incredible in this respect and I’ll be excited for either one cuz I think they will “shake up” washington a bit.

4. caring for the poor, widow, and oppressed. – i have no clue about john Mccain’s stance on this stuff, but i know obama’s. obama wins.

5. Experience – Mccain obviously wins (though his VP is the furthest from experience possible). That being said, personally, i don’t really care for experience, nor do i think it is important for being president. I think we need a “new way” of doing things and approaching issues. Therefore, i have no problem with Obama’s “lack of experience” and won’t hold Sarah Palin’s lack of experience against her.

6. View of America – by this i mean, how does our president see America relative to the rest of the world. In last night’s Republican National Convention, Fred Thompson said that Mccain would be a president which our “allies trust and our enemy’s fear.” This nearly disgusted me. I don’t view America as “better” than other countries or more important. That is why I don’t think our response of war in Iraq was legit (ps. why have we done nothing in Darfur about the genocide…hmmm….they have no oil). Obama takes a dramatically different approach. The way the rest of the world views America would be dramatically different the second we elected Obama as president.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Man it was interesting last night to watch Leiberman’s speach. I have alot of respect for Joe Leiberman, so it makes me take a step back from my assumptions about McCain. Now if have some more thinking to do.


  2. nice blog entry. i like the way you think.


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