Monday Morning Check-In {9.15.08}


the weekend that was: Friday: woke up super late and didn’t get into the office until 2pm! Worked for a while, then worked out, then did nothing. Saturday: spent the entire day fixing my brakes. I’d never done this before and I had no help. it took 10 hours. lame. Sunday. Church, Bob Evens with my small group, office, wind, current/roots, sunday night football, sleep. 

where i am at the moment: physically, i’m sitting at my desk next to my bed. mentally, i’m excited…who even knows whay I may do with my day.

on my to-do list this week:

  • hang out with students
  • meet with some potential student ministry volunteers
  • seek wisdom from some older people
  • sketch together some details for Fall Bash
  • work out a ton

book i’m in the midst of: Contemplative Youth Ministry by Yaconelli (i’ve been reading this really slowly and need to get through the dang thing. it’s an awesome book)

music that seemed to catch my attention this past weekAndrew Bird

next trip: sept. 26,27 – i’m traveling to indianapolis to have my birthday celebrated. should be awesome. I’m going to see my favorite artist, Josh Garrels perform. 

how i’m feeling about this week: really energized. not sure why, i think i’m waiting for something amazing to happen. there is just a sense of anticipation, that something is just over the horizen, and i’m not sure what it is, but it’s gonna be big.

Link of the weekZenHabits. I’m not sure why, but i love this blog. Leo writes about simplicity and stuff. 


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