23 things at twenty-three

I posted an article asking for help on identifying some goals for my 2 year of life. I got a lot of response on my facebook profile and from some friends. After review of their ideas, i came up with a list of 111 ideas. After boiling down those ideas, and seeking Allie’s advice, i came up with a list of 23 goals that I will achieve while I’m 23-years-old.

Here they are:


  • Watch the sunset at least once a week.
  • Tend a small garden and eat my own produce.
  • Choose 3 things each morning to accomplish by nightfall.
  • Write up a “green consulting” business plan
  • weigh-in @ 199 pounds
  • save $3000 bucks
  • do pilates/yoga 100 times
  • read 10 books (5 fiction/5 nonfiction)
  • build 3 pieces of furniture
  • give away $5000
  • make more art
  • volunteer time to hungry/naked/homeless/widows
  • start a podcast
  • start paying with only cash
  • go with Allie to someplace foreign to both of us
  • opt for human interaction whenever possible
  • vote
  • play guitar enough that it doesn’t hurt my fingers
  • write down every penny I spend
  • find a passive/side income
  • write notes of gratitude to “the list”
  • be” in nature 50 separate times
  • fast every month
thanks for all the help of those who gave input. 

4 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Adam!
    Great list! I am going to have to implement some of those things in my own life. It’s really funny that you have yoga on the list…I have been thinking about doing yoga too (and the podcast), must be a 23 yr old thing!

    Good luck on the list!


  2. 23 was a great age for me…it just sounds really good when you say it as well. What a fantastic list/idea. Very intentional. How is it coming so far?

    (I just might have to snatch this idea too)


  3. Adam, I love the pic at the top of your blog. Did you do that? Sweet!


  4. Brandon:
    thanks man

    it is not coming very well, or maybe it is coming really well, i’ve only been 23 for 2 days, so i haven’t done anything on my list yet.

    I found the picture for the top of my blog on some random website long ago. I loved the pic and was waiting for a special reason to use it.


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