Day 1

The coolest students on earth and I are taking part in a 7 day fast. Last night, after some discussion, we decided to pick somehting and do it everyday. I decided to give up soda (this is WAY hard) and do my devotions ouside everyday for a week.

Today, was great (outside of this strange craving for caffeine). I spent time at Highbanks Park and journaled and read in the park. It was an incredibly perfect day.

As I was sitting at the base of a tree, i thought about my thoughts.

When I’m alone, my mind tends to drift towards a couple of things.

  • The greatness of the gospel. The awesomeness of God’s interaction, redemption and rescue of humanity is incredible. When i’m alone with my thoughts, i think about how incredible a life would be if it were a life lived inlign with the greatness of what we were created for. We would live life with some incredible kind of love. We would live with such compassion and generosity that it would be incredible
  • Allie. OK, so I’m engaged and i think i can say this stuff: but the way our love has grown over the past years has really changed my life. I couldn’t imagine that my love for her could grow any more over the past year, but it sure has (and i hear from people that it does as your marriage grows). Love is crazy. It doesn’t make sense. Except it does make sense when you realize that human love is a reflection of God’s love. My love with/for allie is really a mere glimpse of God’s love. Crazy.
  • Nature. Being out in nature seems to give me the idea that creation is organized pretty perfectly. Even when a tree or plant or animal dies, it gives life and nutrition to rest of creation. Humans seem to mess this up. Just some thoughts.

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