Day 4

So today, the 4th day of a 7 day fast, was pretty tough. I’ve been giving up soda for the week as well as striving to do my devotions out in nature.

Soda: Today I had a lunch meeting and wanted to get soda so so so bad. They had the fountain pop machine and the refill as many times as you want policy. I ordered an “iced green tea.” I wanted to go fill the cup up with mt. dew so many times, but didn’t. 

Honestly, this is the longest I have gone without soda for a very very very long time. I’m pretty sure I never went a week without soda during college or even high school. Wow. 

Devotions: Each day I have spent time reading the Bible and journaling while in nature. Today I did neither. I failed. I woke up late, was busy all day, and i couldn’t dare miss the office. Notice the long list of excuses i just posted. I look back over my day and I’m sad that i missed out on something that has been such a blessing all week. Oh well, thankfully I belong to the people of the second chance. Tomorrow’s another day.


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