help me understand economics

I’ve got a question?

Is it possible for the American economy to grow, without another countries economy shrinking?


Would ending global poverty have a “negative” effect on America’s economy?

I ask these questions for two reasons.
1)everyone seems to be freaking out about America’s economy tanking, but doesn’t that mean that the money is getting circulated elsewhere?
2)i am a lot more concerned about the economy of “needy” countries (example: Rhwanda and Darfur) than I am about America. A lot of Americans can still afford starbucks. Once we can’t afford starbucks, then I’ll start caring about the American economy.

Or, is this a completely wrong way to think about it…..



One response to this post.

  1. Not true. In a greater sense, our economy can grow or sink entirely independent of other nations. Our economy is a measure of our own domestic production and financial stability. If I grow 100 bushels of corn on my field this year and only 80 last year, who did I hurt by growing extra. No one. It was independent of the others. By shrinking, however, others may be hurt because now there is less corn for them to buy and they may go hungry. That is a micro example of how our economy works in a macro sense. Great question though.


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