love and loathe {intro}

a couple of summers ago, at a willow creek leadership summit, i listened to marcus buckingham talk about finding and operating out of our strengths.

He challenged everyone to take a sheet of paper and create two columns. Label one column “loathe” and the other “love.” At the end of each day, we were to go through our memory of the day and recal things that we truly loved (made us feel alive, “in the zone,” or energized us) and things that we loathed (boring, draining, life-sucking). We were supposed to be very specific about our “loves” and “loathes” (going into great detail about what it was that made us love or loathe an activity).

I did this activity and learned a lot about myself. I learned how I’m wired. I learned that relationships are paramount for me. I learned that I am a very critical thinker and that I love operating with creativity. I also love working on a team and sharing responsibilities.

Since this activity taught me alot about myself, I decided to do it again. I imagine that this time it will be much much different since I am in a brand new context. The first time, I was a college student. This time, it will be done in the setting of student ministry director.

(i’ve also challenged some students to join with me on this and see how it works out for them).


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