Love and Loathe (day 2)

I’ve been recording the things that I love and loathe during the day. I explain it in detail here. Day 1 is here.

getting woken up by the sun
hanging out with some high school guys while eating pizza and earning tickets at chuck. e. cheese
hanging out with some other high school guys while playing wii
hanging out with some students during the kidmax (scc’s new children’s ministry) premiere
volunteering my services as a cameraman for the premier
realizing that my gas tank is full
winning my first xbox live game
listening to allie talk about the great weekend she’s having with her friends
getting phone calls from old friends
joking around with some dads at church
finding cool new websites and articles

feeling tired because i stayed up till 4am last night
realizing that I “didn’t have time” to read my bible
not being able to talk to allie cuz she was having such a great time with her friends
being incapable of helping people that i feel i should help
not being well prepared for things i should be well-prepared for


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