McCain’s Slogan: Country First

Aaron Monts writes a great article about the idea of “country first” and if that idea can be aligned with Christianity.

McCain’s slogan is “country first.” Great stuff right? As a Christian, I would have to say that I am first and foremost committed to being a disciple of Christ. That means accepting and living out Christ’s teachings. Therefore, I cannot place “country first.” It is my hope that people would associate the tag “Christian” with me before they would associate the tag “patriot” (though both aren’t bad).

Also, I would have to say, country can’t be third, because my wife would fill that spot. Nor can it be fourth, because my friends and family would fill that void. Nor can country be fifth, as I think Jesus’ call to care for the poor, sick, widow, and needy falls before my commitment to America.

I would also say that I think those in other countries have just as valid claim to freedom and right to establish their governments as they see fit, so I wouldn’t even say that America is first (in my mind) among all countries. I would go even farther as to say that I’m not even committed to democracy (though I appreciate it and am very thankful for those who defend it and i am going to exercise my democratic rights). I’m not saying democracy is the worst (it may be the best) I’m just saying that I’m not committed to it. There are other things that are much more important than democracy.


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  1. Posted by Mike on October 14, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    God bless a America? Nah, God bless the whole freakin’ Universe/Multiverse!

    Thanks for this!



    Drop by the blog!


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