John McCain stands up to supporters who call Obama “Arab”

Ed Gilbreath pointed me to this video and  I’m so so thankful for it. It is Senator McCain standing up to some of his more “passionate” supporters. They were saying trash about Obama that has been fed to them by FoxNews or Rush Limbaugh or something, and he stood up to them and told the truth.

Thank you Senator McCain. Regardless of what happens in the election, I’m a bit more proud that we have two politicians who, for the most part, haven’t tore the reputation of each other apart (though some of their supporters have tried).


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  1. Posted by kives17 on October 11, 2008 at 11:25 am

    I think things like that speak more to ignorance than to news channels(although Fox is very bad). People just do not respect the Democractic way of governance instead of forming their own opinions through literature and reflection they are content to listen to people that are essentially spewing and skewing information out of context. It is a scary time in politics.


  2. “No mam! He’s not an arab: he’s a decent man”
    Can’t you be both arab and a decent man?


  3. I just saw this on the news and was wowwed. Shows a lot of personal integrity – despite political ambitions. What a new combination of personal traits!

    AVA <


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