2am thought fest

my thoughts at 2am:

  • i am in love with allison rose (i didn’t use her last name cuz i am in the process of changing it to match mine)
  • jesse hanna is doing some pretty cool stuff @ 212*
  • working out is good for me in many ways
  • i love the place where God has me right now
  • i like days that involve drinking coffee
  • this years election offered us an interesting commentary on the health (or sickness) of our American culture
  • blogging is good for me
  • allie could ask me to do anything and i’d do it
  • buffalo wild wings taste yummy
  • everything is spiritual
  • i want to get a tattoo
  • going to church is NOT  the church
  • sin is its own punishment
  • i want a blackberry
  • i want a flip minoHD
  • i want a macbook
  • i want an ipod touch
  • i want a new car
  • i want things and i wrongly think those things will make me happy
  • God can do whatever God wants to do
  • there is no kind of ministry but relational ministry

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